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Little Things Release (May-2024, V-3.7) is now Live

· 2 min read
Arun Bose
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Charly P Abraham
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Phoenix Code Bot
Our little elf who keeps the whole place together

May release(3.7) of Phoenix Code is now available for download at

This month's release is all about Live previews and the little things that make your work just a bit easier. We've also addressed numerous feature requests and UX bug reports, along with improving app UX and stability.

Live CSS Class and Style Code Hints

Interactively edit CSS styles and classes using the up/down arrow keys in code hints. This is available in CSS files and inline CSS styles/class names in HTML files. This provides an instant boost to your HTML and CSS workflows.


CSS/HTML Code Hints improvements

Improved relevance of suggestions in CSS and HTML code hints. For E.g., typing b in a CSS file will prioritize background-color. Typing between will bring up relevant CSS property-value combinations like align-content: space-between; (see image below), so you don't have to remember which value is under which CSS property.


Move to trash/bin when deleting files

Deleting files from the files panel in desktop apps will move the file/folder to trash/recycle bin instead of permanently deleting it.

UX Improvements

  • Deleting the Phoenix Code folder in user Documents directory is now supported.
  • Increased stability and app startup experience.
  • Copy Error Message button is now available in the problems panel.


A Request from the Phoenix Team:

With gratitude,

The Phoenix Team