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March-2024 Release (V-3.5) is now Live

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Arun Bose
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Charly P Abraham
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Kiran Bose
Community Contributor
Phoenix Code Bot
Our little elf who keeps the whole place together

The March release(3.5) of Phoenix Code is now available for download at This month's update improves support for large projects, Find in Files, and app stability.

Inline HTML Number Dials

You can now use number dials in inline HTML styles, not just in CSS files.


Search Filters - Advanced Find in Files

All new search filters to find exactly what you want. Search in files or Exclude files matching the given pattern instantly.

new find in files

Other Improvements

  • Projects with very large number of files can now be opened.
  • Performance improvement when opening minified CSS/JS files and other formats with very long lines.
  • Added support for beautifying SCSS, SASS, LESS, TSX, and JSX files. The beautification feature now preserves the cursor position.
  • Improved startup speed and overall app stability.
  • Bug fixes and improvements to new project dialog.

A Request from the Phoenix Team:

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The Phoenix Team