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Introducing Phoenix Code Desktop- Now on Windows, Mac & Linux

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Arun Bose
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Charly P Abraham
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Kiran Bose
Community Contributor
Mathew Dennis
Quality Control & Social Media
Phoenix Code Bot
Our little elf who keeps the whole place together

We're thrilled to share a huge update with you all today - Phoenix Code native apps are officially here! ๐ŸŽ‰ . Get your copy from !

We have been working hard over the last several months to make native apps possible. It took a lot of effort and perseverance with our limited resources to reach this far. We hope to have your support in doing more :)

With this update, Phoenix Code can now run almost anywhere! Native apps are available for Windows, Mac and most Linux distributions. For Chrome-OS and other platforms, simply use the web browser version; no install needed.

Looking Backโ€‹

The team building Phoenix Code started its history as some of the initial team members building Brackets at Adobe from 2014. Phoenix Code took over the full time development of Brackets in 2021. We had a mammoth task to bring Brackets up to date with the latest web technologies. The result was Phoenix Code- A Platform rewrite of Brackets that allowed it to run on any Web Browser. But our users were pretty clear that a desktop app was needed.

It was at this time that this hot new rust based tech called Tauri framework came into the picture and we finally had the missing piece to build a truly modern and light-weight desktop app. Fast forward to 2024 and Phoenix Code now runs almost anywhere(almost as we are one step short with touch and mobile screens).

Phoenix Code marks the first large-scale, truly independent release from the Brackets community. Entirely homegrown within the community, it is also the largest engineering effort put into Brackets since 2015 (including Adobe).


This release is made possible by the Phoenix Code Team- Arun, Charly and Mathew. Our shiny new website is built by community contribution from Kiran.

We would also like to thank the S-tier community support provided by the Tauri development team, esp. Fabian.

Looking Aheadโ€‹

Our guiding principle is to make coding as intuitive and fun as playing a video game - for web developers, designers, and students.

With the native apps now available, we're starting the next phase of our journey. Beginning this month, there will be a new update of Phoenix Code released every month with all the features that you requested and more.

However, our ambitions come with costs, and it's your support that makes all the difference.

How You Can Support:โ€‹

We're grateful for the incredible support this community has shown us so far. Let's continue to make Phoenix Code even better, together.

With gratitude,

The Phoenix Team