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April-2024 Release (V-3.6) is now Live

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Arun Bose
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Charly P Abraham
Maintainer of Phoenix and Brackets code editors
Andrew Young
Community Contributor
Faizan Bhagat
Community Contributor
Phoenix Code Bot
Our little elf who keeps the whole place together

April release(3.6) of Phoenix Code is now available for download at

This month's upgrade is big! with a lot of features you asked for - PHP/Custom live preview servers, advanced CSS/LESS/SCSS/HTML code intelligence and tooling, UX and app stability improvements.

Custom Live Preview Servers

Preview PHP, React, and other dynamically rendered files with the new server settings dialog. Read more at Live Preview Settings Docs.

Screenshot from 2024-04-12 13-08-34

HTML Code Intelligence

CSS class hints are now shown within the HTML file's class attribute.


Advanced CSS Tooling

Support for the latest CSS/LESS/SCSS syntax. Code intelligence and error detection for CSS, SCSS, and LESS files.


Reverse CSS Highlighting

Clicking an element in the live preview now highlights its selector in the source CSS file editor.

Reverse CSS Highlighting gif

Editor Rulers

Add multiple, color-customizable rulers in the editor to better visualize line lengths. Read more...


Open Live Preview in any Browser

Direct buttons to open live previews in Chrome, Edge, Safari, and Firefox.


Docusaurus Support

Live preview based markdown documentation server.

UX Improvements

Increased stability and more predictable live preview behavior.

Community Contributions

  1. Changes to files and folders made externally are now automatically synced in the Browser version of Phoenix Code. (view change) - By Andrew Young, Faizan Bhagat

A Request from the Phoenix Team:

With gratitude,

The Phoenix Team